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Hunter Lawn Sprinklers

The hunter lawn sprinklers are the perfect solution for when your garden needs a little more protection against the weather. The rotor nozzle racks include 5 sets ofsprinklers, so you can create an empire of yourself. Plus, the insert tool and handle make it easy to get on top of your garden.

1, 2, 3, 5, 10 pcs Hunter 181500 PGP / PGP Ultra Riser Seal

Buy Hunter Lawn Sprinklers

The hunter pro series van 4 pop-up sprinkler head is a powerful and versatilesprinkler that can be used for broadacre lawn care tasks such as weeding, undulent and water damage control. The adjustable 4-15 0-360 novil is enough to meet everyone's needs, while the noxious nozzle makes it easy to get the job done.
this hunter product is a check valve for rotors and sprays. It is used to control the level of water use in a lawn by adjusting the time it takes for water to reach the sprinkler system. The product has an adjustable nozzle and a quick-connect system so it can be attached quickly and easily.
these hunter lawn sprinklers are the perfect choice for those who want the precision and quality that ultra professional sprinklers provide. They are pre-installed with 20 nicks and dings, making them perfect for any job. The case of 20 is enough to ensure that you have the perfect sprinkler for your needs.